IEO iExchange
IEO iExchange

Great news for iExchange community!

On October 8 (at 15:00 Moscow time), IEO will launch for the iExchange asset on the Livecoin exchange.

End date of IEO: October 22 (23.00 Moscow time).

You can see the parameters of IEO below:

  • Asset Name in the Livecoin system: iExchange
  • Trade Symbol in the Livecoin system: IEX
  • Total Tokens Available in IEO: 30,000,000 IEX
  • Number of decimal places: 4
  • Contract Address: tradeiexcoin
  • Block Explorer:
  • IEO Duration: 15 days
  • Price 0.0000011 BTC for 1 IEX
  • Trading pairs in the Livecoin system – IEX/BTC
  • Minimum purchase amount – 1000 IEX
  • During the IEO, only a purchase is possible.
  • IEX withdrawal from the Livecoin platform will be open the day after IEO is completed.

Find more information hereΒ 

IEXcoin sales on our website are temporarily suspended. Everyone who wants to purchase IEXcoin can do this on the Livecoin exchange as part of the ongoing IEO.

In case of additional questions, please contact our technical support service.

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