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Do you like Airdrops? We like Airdrops! Everyone likes Airdrops!πŸ™‚

We invite you to take part in the hot summer airdrop from iExchange.πŸš€

Start: July 22, Monday
Finish: August 7, Wednesday

Every day, information about where to look for airdrop codes will appear on the iExchange channel in Telegram. You don’t want to miss this moment! Find the code and activate it.

How to participate?

βœ… Sign up at 18+ only
βœ… Complete verification. Verification may take some time. We recommend verifying in advance.
βœ… Subscribe to iExchange Telegram channel to not miss the hint.
βœ… Once you have found the promo code, go to your personal account on and activate it!

πŸ’°More subscribers in our Telegram channel means more money*

5,000 subscribers – $ 500 per day
10,000 followers – $ 1,200 per day
20,000 followers – $ 3,000 per day
50,000 subscribers – $ 10,000 per day

How to activate the airdrop code?

βœ… Log into your account on and go to the Buy page.
For this you need to pass verification. Detailed instructions on the passage of verification, read this post.

IEX Airdrop on β€” photo 1

βœ… Copy and paste the code into this field:

IEX Airdrop on β€” photo 2

βœ… If you were the first, you will see the following message:

IEX Airdrop β€”  photo 2

Do not forget to share on your page on Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram.πŸ™‚

IEX token is the first token in RuNet from a company that passed an Ernst & Young audit and is a resident of High Technologies Park.

After completion of the regulated token sale, IEX token will appear on iExchange, which is connected to the liquidity exchange pool of OKEx cryptocurrency exchange.

Our team has come a long way:

We already have a working product.
Investors are often afraid to get into a situation in which the team receives resources, but does not understand how to manage them. Money alone does not create projects. For money to work, we need people who will direct the resource to a useful course. We have proven that we can manage resources and create results.

Received the status of the HTP resident.
To work in the HTP jurisdiction, we have fulfilled a whole list of requirements. Progress on the task list took many months of work of our teamπŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Partners with OKEx international exchange.
We have a liquidity exchange mechanism with OKEx that solves the problem of low trading volumes for new exchanges. The exchange is new, but you can buy and sell any volumes of tokens that we have in the listing. It is easy to see this for yourself – register on the websiteπŸ’°

Audited by Ernst&Young..
Regulation is primarily the control of the exchange. To pass such an audit is not at all an easy task. We became the first crypto-exchange in the CIS, which passed it.

And this is just the beginning! Now we are working on:

  • Regulated IEO and ICO platform
  • Unique custodial service (crypto assets storage service)
  • Affiliate program with the most favorable conditions in RuNet
  • Asset management service (copying transactions of successful traders)
  • Margin trading, cryptocurrency indices
    … and much more πŸ˜‰

IEX Token is created as an integral part of the iExchange ecosystem, so it will be necessary to pay for each of these services.

Thank you for joining the iExchange community!

* Airdrop fund is specified in USD equivalent to IEX value on the day of sale.
** Promotion terms are subject to change. If this happens, we will announce the changes in the official Telegram channel of the project.
*** There is only one official iExchange channel.

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