Launch of beta testing on IEXchange crypto-exchange
beta testing

Cryptocurrency exchange IEXchange announces the start of open beta testing stage. Once such testing is completed this exchange will obtain the «regulated on the basis of registration» status as a resident of the Park of High Technologies of the Republic of Belarus.

The concept of ​​IEXchange is to connect the world of cryptocurrency with real money (fiat). In order to achieve this goal we create all the conditions required for the legal interaction of cryptocurrency and fiat money. So we start right now announcing the beta testing stage of the service in which anyone can participate.

Beta stage duration

Our main goal is to provide the perfect service for each user of the IEXchange. Beta testing is not limited to a specific duration, though it will be completed as soon as:

  1. Cryptocurrency exchange will work stably.
  2. Possible inconveniences for customers will be identified and eliminated.
  3. IEXchange crypto-exchange will complete the process of obtaining HTP (High-Tech Park) resident status.

We look forward for your messages to our technical support during the beta testing stage: not just error reports are important, but also any wishes regarding the operation of the exchange and the service interface.

What features are available at the testing stage?

Cryptocurrency trading: available trading pairs are listed on our website. The possibility of depositing/withdrawing fiat funds will become available after obtaining the status of the Park of High Technologies resident.

Features that are not yet available, but will be enabled soon

  • fiat money deposit/withdrawal;
  • cryptocurrency indexes;
  • the list of trading pairs and cryptocurrencies for deposit/withdrawal extension;

Join IEXchange’s cryptocurrency exchange testing to be at the forefront of a new generation of crypto traders.

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