Start of iExchange 2.0 development
Start of iExchange 2.0 development

Great news for iExchange community!

We started the development of iExchange 2.0 platform.
As you already know, these services will be available with the new version of the platform:

  • Margin trading
  • Futures
  • Custodial service (reliable storage of cryptocurrencies)
  • Trust management
  • Copy trading
  • Cryptocurrency Indices

Some of them you will see a lot earlier than we initially planned in the road map.

In addition, we decided not to close the first stage of IEXCoin token sale until the work on iExchange 2.0 platform is completed, so that everyone could use this opportunity and purchase IEXCoin tokens at an initial price.

After completing work and launching iExchange 2.0, IEXCoin token will become an integral part of the project’s ecosystem. It will be added to iExchange listing and its purchase / sale will be possible directly on the platform at market price.

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